Annual Report '21

We aim to keep our donors, alumni, and friends of Campus Outreach Atlanta, in the know on how we are helping students own their faith through their college years and beyond. Your giving, prayers, and personal support are changing lives on the college campus.  

Letter from the Director

This past October, I had the opportunity to gather together with a number of other leaders from Campus Outreach teams across the country. In our first session, Kent Bailey asked all of us, as we slowly move out of life dominated by COVID, are we “starting back or starting over?” The power of the question is that it forces you to consider what our new reality will be. Will things be similar enough in our culture and on the campus to go back to doing things the way that we did for the decades previous? Or, will things be different enough to demand that we reset our expectations, attitudes, and approaches to ministry?

Certainly, there is much that is and will continue to be different: declining church attendance, a growing lack of biblical familiarity (let alone literacy), the rise of the religious “nones” (unaffiliated with any faith), pastoral burnout, political and religious divisiveness, and continued changes to social life in the wake of the Pandemic, among many things. But, we also know that Christ has not changed, the Scriptures are still trustworthy and true, the gospel is still our great hope, and people still need the love of Christ and Christian community that will point them to Christ.

The main emphasis of our time was that we might not be entering into our biggest years (think huge conferences, largely attended beach projects, or huge classes of new staff hiring). But, we have a great opportunity to enter into our best years. I am reminded of Jesus teaching, in John 15, that God prunes every healthy branch so that it might become even healthier and more fruitful. We are trusting that God is taking the American church through this pruning season, so that we might experience our best days head of us.

Of course, BEST is a great acronym to help us remember the things to focus on. We want to be:

Biblical - our source for life, wisdom, and godliness!
Evangelistic - winsomely engaging the lost with the good news of the Gospel
Strategic & Shepherding - we are called to be wise and intentional, caring and kind.
Teachable & Tough - we want to deepen in humility and listen and learn well, but also embrace that ministry will take a humble confidence in the face of an increasingly post-Christian culture.

We are already getting to experience so much of the fruit of these types of choices. Our team is far from perfect, but we are healthy, unified, and growing. We are seeing God do great things in students' lives, and are really seeing students investigate the gospel, grow in their walk with God, and own their faith in college and beyond. Thank you for partnering with us in this work. We are so grateful for you, for God’s goodness through your friendship, prayer, and giving, and for allowing us to be a part of his Kingdom on the campus. We are praying for you, also, that your best days in the faith would be ahead.

With thanks and in Christ,
Stephen McGuire

What we are Celebrating

102 Heard the Good news

We were able to clearly share the gospel with 102 students in relational evangelism. 

12 Came to Faith

We saw 12 students begin trusting and following Christ!

10 Sent out

We were able to help 10 students intentionally graduate from college and our discipleship to continue their faith journey as a leader deployed from the campus.

340 Invested in

We were relationally investing in over 340 new students.

47 in Bible Studies

We had 47 students regularly attending evangelistic bible studies.

14 Investing in Others

We were able to equip 14 students in discipleship who were also leading others in evangelistic studies or discipleship

$576,703 Given

Around the Region

Stories of God's faithfulness from the campus and beyond!

Where We are

Jeremy Moore
"We are beginning to see glimpses of God growing seeds: people coming to faith, students making kingdom decisions in their life, new doors opening up on campus for spiritual influence..."

A word from our students

Student Stories  from Kate Moore & Ben Espy
"I think the main thing I’ve experienced this year is the Lord’s faithfulness...He has been faithful to convict me, comfort me, provide for me, teach me, remind me of things to be thankful for, of his presence. There has never been a moment I can’t account for His faithfulness...”

Where we are heading

Laurie Williams
"We hope to multiply and launch the ministry of Campus Outreach on another college campus as soon as the Lord wills. In the meantime, we are excitedly hiring new staff and prayerfully considering where God may be leading us next..."

SUmmer '21

Kyler Allen
"One of our students even said, 'LP was the best 3 weeks of my life.' You can’t make this stuff up! It was amazing to have a front row seat watching God transform and unify our students, laying a foundation of student leaders at Georgia Tech for years to come..."

Beyond the Campus

Steve McGuire
"As we have prayed and worked toward greater health and effectiveness, we have honed in on a statement to help communicate our work on the campus: our heart is to help students investigate, grow in and own their faith in college and beyond..."

Alumni Stories

Avery Garn
"In a year filled with uncertainty not only globally but personally, much of my hope was rooted in the foundation laid for me during my time in Campus Outreach..."

What's New

Featuring various staff
Some hello's and goodbye's from our team! We have had two staff transfer to our region, two staff begin fundraising, and one staff who is launching off of our team. 

Financial Update

Matt Williams & Daisy Luther
Thank you for the faith that you have in our God. He is ultimately the one that changes hearts and grows us as well as our students. And thank you for trusting us to faithfully steward your gifts.

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