Steve & Darrah mcGuire

Role: Regional Director

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Jeremy & Jordan Moore

Staff Role:

Hometown: Gainesville, GA

Testimony: Jeremy & Jordan both came to Christ and were deeply influenced through Campus Outreach at the University of North Georgia. Jeremy came to know the Lord his sophomore year through the friendship of a staff guy that he met in the campus gym. Though put together on the outside, Jeremy was a wreck on the inside searching for that which truly would bring meaning and purpose to his life. After coming to Christ, he caught a vision to influence other men for the sake of Christ in his fraternity, and for the last ten years on the college campus and beyond. Jordan came to know the Lord her freshman year only a few weeks after entering college. As her life began to unravel, the Lord met her through His Word and placed the Campus Outreach community into her life. She spent the remainder of her college years investing in women in her sorority, and since then women at large on the college campus and mom's in her community.

Interesting Fact: The Moore’s live in a suburb on the West side of Atlanta with their 4 children. As a family, they enjoy almost any recreational sport, riding bikes, and reading good books.


Caitlin Cornwell

Staff Role: Women’s Director

Hometown: Athens, GA

Testimony: Growing up, I always heard about who Jesus was and that he had died for my sins. As I grew throughout middle and high school, I became increasingly convinced that what Jesus had done merited my obedience. While I understood his worthiness as Lord, it wasn't until my freshman year of college that I began to see with greater clarity my sin and need of him as my Savior. Seeing my sin and his initiating love for me on the cross, I began to follow him with a new dependency, recognizing that there is nothing I can do to earn his favor.

Interesting Fact: I enjoy hiking, going to see musicals and ballet, trying new ethnic foods, being a coffee snob, jumping on my pogo stick and watching BBC nature documentaries. I eat breakfast twice every day and I live in the lovely West End, Atlanta neighborhood with my roommate and her lovable pup, Teddy.


Daisy Wright

Staff Role: Resource Director

Hometown: Ellijay, GA

Testimony: Coming into college I had a sense that I did not really have a personal relationship with Christ, but was interested in spiritual things. Growing up I thought that having a relationship with Christ meant just trying harder to be a better person morally. So I tried really hard and still failed a lot. It wasn't until I attended a Bible study my freshman year at UNG that I realized my need for Christ. Because I fall short of perfection I need Christ to redeem and save me. Knowing I couldn't earn my salvation was the best news I could have ever heard and that truth has 100% set me free to be loved by Christ, and love others in a new way.

Interesting Fact: Grew up on a farm and I love anything to do with the great outdoors! I currently live in Brookhaven with my two roommates and precious Blue Heeler, Toolah.


MAtt Williams

Role: Campus Director at Georgia Tech

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Laurie Davis

Role: Campus Staff at Georgia Tech

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Sirena Eller

Role: Campus Staff at North Georgia & Executive Assistant to the Regional Director

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Jessica Shamus

Staff Role: Regional Event Coordinator

Hometown: Johns Creek, GA

Testimony: I grew up in a Christian home, surrounded by Christian community, but trusted in how that made me look rather than what God had done through Jesus to save me. I got involved with Campus Outreach as a student at Georgia Tech and God used the CO community to help me see that I was a broken sinner in need of a Savior and that my previous knowledge of Christianity was merely head knowledge and hadn't affected my heart and actions. I came to faith over a summer project and later decided to come on staff with CO after college.

Interesting Fact: I can juggle! I also enjoy watching old films, volleyball, and playing card games with friends.

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Courtney Day

Role: Campus Staff at Georgia Tech

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Kyler Allen

Role: Campus Staff at Georgia Tech

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Irena Prudenti

Role: Campus Staff at Georgia Tech

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Parker Windatt

Role: Campus Staff at Georgia Tech

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