Christ-centered, biblically grounded, life-on-life, missional discipleship and kingdom leader development under the authority of the local church.

God’s sovereignty

Each student is taught from scripture that God is in control of all things and will accomplish the building of His kingdom.

The Glory of God

Each student is taught that the glory of God is man’s highest goal. They are challenged to live life to that end.


Each student is made aware of God’s chosen process of growing up Christians through investing one’s life in the lives of others.

Eternal Perspective

Each student is challenged to make decisions in his life in light of God’s plans for eternity.

Man’s Uniqueness

All of us are created by God with a unique design, and we are to use what we are given to accomplish His purpose.

Priveledged Mentality

It is a high calling and honor to serve our Lord in the building of His kingdom regardless of our circumstances.