In 2021, you all have collectively given $587,703.64 to the ministry of Campus Outreach Atlanta. Of those funds, $579,588.64 have gone to providing our staff team with salaries to be able to share the gospel with students on campus at Georgia Tech. The remaining $11,115 has gone toward student scholarships that help to provide funding for students to be able to attended our critical events such as the Leadership Project and New Year's Conference where they have either come to faith or taken significant steps forward in their individual walk with God.  

We say this often, but we truly mean it when we say it, we could not do what we do if it weren't for our financial partners. Thank you for the faith that you have in our God. He is ultimately the one that changes hearts and grows us as well as our students. And thank you for trusting us to faithfully steward your gifts. You are helping students own their faith and walk with God through through their college years and beyond!

Because of your giving 102 students heard the gospel, 340 have been spiritually invested in, 10 have been sent out upon graduating, 47 were able to regularly attend a Bible study, 14 are multiplying their lives through discipleship, and 12 have come to faith in Jesus Christ.


- Campus Outreach Atlanta Staff Team