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Meet the staff

Campus Outreach Atlanta

Jeremy Moore

Regional Director
Jeremy and his wife Jordan live in a suburb on the Westside of Atlanta with their four children. As a family, they enjoy almost any recreational sport, riding bikes, and reading good books.

Caitlin Cornwell

Women's Ministry Manager
 Caitlin enjoys hiking, going to see musicals and ballets, trying new ethnic foods, being a coffee snob, and watching BBC nature documentaries. She lives in the lovely West End, Atlanta neighborhood with her roommate and lovable dog, Teddy.

Austin Shadoan

Men's Ministry Manager
Austin Shadoan is an Atlanta native who was raised in Alpharetta, GA and has served with Campus Outreach Augusta prior to transferring to our ATL team. He and his wife Stephanie have been married for 5 years and had their first child, Emma Rose, in October of this past year. They are big Minnesota Vikings fans, huge board game fanatics, and love cooking and singing Disney songs together. Austin loves golfing, disc golfing, basketball, and just about any other sport.

Matt Williams

Operations Manager
Matt is a Georgia Tech grad, and is married to Laurie! In his free time, Matt loves to be outside enjoying the sunshine or on a nice hike. In fact, he loves hiking so much that he actually backpacked the Appalachian Trail during his undergrad years.

Laurie Williams

Women's Ministry + Program Coordinator
 Nine times out of ten you can find Laurie sippin' cold brews with oat milk at a nearby coffee shop or exercising with friends. She and her husband Matt live on the Westside where they love to connect with friends and go on runs. 

Kyler Allen

Campus Ministry Coordinator
Kyler is a Georgia Tech grad, and has lived in Atlanta for most of his life. Prior to serving with Campus Outreach Atlanta, Kyler served on staff with Campus Outreach in Australia. In his free time, Kyler can be found enjoying a good cup of coffee, playing sports, or studying for seminary. 

Jessica Shamus

Chase Wieland

Executive Assistant + Operations Coordinator
Campus Ministry Coordinator
Jessica grew up in the greater Atlanta area, and got involved with Campus Outreach as a student at Georgia Tech. In her free time, Jessica enjoys watching old films, playing volleyball and card games with friends.
Chase grew up in a suburb just north of Atlanta, and prior to serving with Campus Outreach Atlanta, he lived abroad and served with the Campus Outreach team in New Zealand. When he's not working you can find Chase in the great outdoors, mountain biking, and chopping for the Atlanta Braves. 

Tessa Allen

Campus Ministry Coordinator
Tessa graduated from Georgia College, and is back home now in Atlanta. A few of her favorite things to do in her free time are running, spending time with friends, and listening to podcasts.

Claudia Onley

Campus Ministry Coordinator
Claudia recently graduated from Georgia Tech. Go Jackets! She loves to travel, play music (violin or guitar), chat with friends, and most importantly drink strawberry Oreo milkshakes from Cookout.

Katerina Shalikashvili

Campus Ministry Coordinator
Kat graduated from Georgia Tech this past May. In college she started her own "nice" cream business by making delicious ice cream out of a banana base. She is now in the process of raising support in order to start full time on the campus this Fall. To support her, click the link below!