Where we are.

In Mark 4 we are told that the kingdom of God, “is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground. He sleeps and rises night and day, and the seed spouts and grows; he knows not how.” Jesus teaches us that His kingdom will expand slowly yet steadily, and many times it will grow in the midst of adversity and hardship. This past year I believe that I have seen Jesus do just that among the Greek system at Georgia Tech! As we entered into 2021, our team’s God-sized prayer was that He would use the pandemic not to deter but to advance His mission on the campus. In all honesty, there were times that I doubted He would do it. Mostly, I wondered what was He doing, if anything, because of how difficult it seemed to read the spiritual pulse among students. Yet our team continued to pray that prayer and persevered in scattering the seed of the Gospel broadly, trusting that God would grow it, even when we knew not how.

As the year went on, we began to see glimpses of God growing seeds: people coming to faith, students making kingdom decisions in their life, new doors opening up on campus for spiritual influence. It wasn’t until the end of this fall that God gave us a much clearer picture of exactly how he was answering our prayers, and man, it was exciting!

Throughout 2021, our spiritual footprint in the greek system expanded by 5 chapters, going from 9 to 14. With that influence we engaged 102 students with the Gospel. We’re helping 30 students grow in their faith through life-on-life discipleship. We experienced 12 students place their trust in Christ, and graduated 10 students into the world with a vision to know God deeply and make him known in their communities. We are excited about all that God has done this past year, and can’t wait for what he has in store among the next generation of students at Georgia Tech for the sake of His glory!

In Christ,
Jeremy Moore